Thursday, January 11, 2018

Top 4 Reasons To Enjoy a Bar and Grill

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We all know drinking goes hand in hand with eating. Most people like having barbeque and drinking at the same time it does not matter whether it is picnic or even at our homes. In this case we are talking about bar and grill.
The reasons to enjoy bar and grill include;
Good selection of beer and meat.
They just have the best commodities or products. They always have the best types of beers and their meat is always well grilled with the right flavorings. This attracts more customers as their products are just perfect. You will drink and eat more in these type of bars.
The bartenders or the staff are friendly.
When you in the bar the staff give you maximum attention. The services are quite fast whether you ordered for a meal that is specifically grilled or for a drink. They will chat with you and you will have maximum fun by the time you are leaving the bar.
It is not weird to sit alone.
At a bar it is not weird to sit alone as you can decide to sit at the counter. At a normal type of restaurant it is so hard to sit at a table alone. The bar tender ends up being like your friend as he keeps you company. You can even end up getting free drinks or food. You can go to bar because of some stress but you will get out stress-free.
It is fun and encourages socializing.
Bars are fun as you can easily interact with people as they are not that large. You can engage in games like pool table thus you will end up making new friends as you play. You can start grilling and get people who will help you and you will end up being friends with them too.

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

5 Best Drinks To Have On a Date at a Bar & Grill

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A date is a chance to express love and care for your partner. If you decide to enjoy your date at a Bar & Grills, a perfect choice of drinks will surely spice up the moment. It is the type of drink that usually lightens up the mood and just like how fluids flow easily, they will bring the right motion and rock your day. However, this does not come automatically but instead it is determined by how you coordinate your drinks with the meals.

5 Best Drinks To Have On a Date at a Bar & Grill

- Martini: - It will give your first date a classic touch because of the expertise that has been used in mixing the cocktail. The lemon and olive twist define its elegance and it will surely guarantee you a second date. The theatrical displays it has received in great movies like James bond are a booster to the image of this classic cocktail.

- Paloma: - This type of cocktail gives your first date a glamorous taste which covers the alcohol flavor. It is suitable for girls because it is smooth and its grapefruit flavor excites the taste buds of the ladies just like they love it.

- Wine: -A wine tells a lot about your character; therefore, ordering wine is a self-promotion strategy. You go on a date to be liked and to form a long lasting bond and nothing does that better than wine. Red wine is a symbol of seduction while white wine is for outgoing people.

- Sangria: - Diversity in a first date will actually lighten up your day. This can be guaranteed by a taste of Sangria because it combines Spanish and Portuguese taste. The fruity taste also make it favorite for the ladies.

- Whiskey: -It is a killer liquor especially when served neat and it provides your date with the fire that it requires. It is not bad to get wasted sometimes as long as it is within reasonable boundaries. Always remember that you always need to check yourself on a first date.


The drinks on this list will surely guarantee you an amazing date. All you need to worry about is how you present yourself but when it comes to the style the drinks will do it for you.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Why Go To A Sports Bar In Atlanta To Watch The Game

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There are many reasons why go to a sports bars in Atlanta to watch the game. But the biggest reason is that the atmosphere in the sports bar makes the game more enjoyable. In these bars there are many fans with different opinions and just being around them makes the game more exciting. Most of the
fans will freely air their opinions. By just engaging with the fans one feels
an excitement that cannot be felt while watching the game anywhere else. One does
not even have to know the fans. Therefore, even when going to sports bar alone
one will still get people to talk and interact with.

Another major reason for going to sports bars in Atlanta to
watch the game is that one gets to enjoy the game on big TVs. This is
facilitated by the fact most of the sports bars in Atlanta have invested
heavily on the right equipments that can show the games in the best manner. Such
TVs are rarely found in ordinary homes mainly because of their sizes and their
prices. Fitting such a TV in a home will mean that it will occupy a lot of
space and it will cost a lot of money. But when one goes into a sports bar one
gets an opportunity to enjoy the game on some of the best TVs.

While watching the games in sports bars in Atlanta one also
gets the opportunity to enjoy different kinds of drinks. Some of the drinks
available in these bars can only be found in the bars. The drinks also play an
integral part in creating an exciting atmosphere. By having a few drinks one is
able to cheer for the team one wants to win. The drinks are readily available
where they are served at the request of the fans. For people who do not take alcoholic drinks
there are also non alcoholic drinks which are served to such people. Therefore,
it is better to go to sports bars in Atlanta to watch the game instead of going
anywhere else.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

How To Find The Best Bars In Marietta GA

For long Marietta, Georgia has been known globally for its museums. Currently, the face of Marietta, Georgia is changing. It is now known to be a foodie haven with many bars and restaurants. As we all opt to go to bars to have fun choosing the best bar for you is a good idea. Here are some of the tips you need to know for you to choose the right and best bars for you in Marietta GA. 

1. Choose a bar that has something to do. Many bars only offers drinks but offers nothing fun for their customers. You should opt for a bar that has got karaoke, pool tables, arcade games, beer pong, bull riding and other appealing activities.

2. Pick a bar that has got a lot of places within it. These are large bars that support many activities. In such bars, you will be able to enjoy more and more since once a certain activity is boring you can switch to another and see what is going on there with ease.

3. Pick a bar that has got many women. This seems awkward to many but you need to opt for the bar with a lot of women as it gives you a golden chance to meet one among the many women to spend time wish. Spending your time with her will be an added source of fun to you.

4. Choose a bar with somewhere to go outside. These geographical features in the bars will make you enjoy more in summer seasons where you may want to hang outside whenever the weather is nice.

5. Choose a bar with dance floor and good music. Great bars have got great music and a place to dance. The dancing floor should be able to host all the people who want to dance but also not too big.

6. Choose a bar that offers all legal drinks. You may find yourself in a bar where you can not get your favorite drink for no reason. You should opt for a bar where all you want will be available.

7. Security is also a basic factor to be considered when doing your selection. Despite the fact that Marietta GA is a secure city, you need to go beyond and look for a bar with enough bouncers such that whenever an alarming security issue arises it can be dealt with as fast as possible.

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

3 Most Popular Drink Specials Ordered at Bar


The bar industry is defined by creativity. Bartenders and cocktail connoisseurs must be
well versed with diverse mixed drink and cocktail recipes. They must have the
ability to invent special drinks or cocktails that are unique and appeal to the
tastes of their clients. What are some of the most popular drinks specials
ordered at bars? At the heart of bar-tending is classic drinks like the Martini
which were and are still drinks specials that resonate well with most people.
In this article, we narrow our focus to 3 drinks specials as shown below.

1. Margarita

It is a cocktail that is branded as the monarch of tequila cocktail. This drink which
traces its origin in Mexico is made of three ingredients: 2 oz tequila, 1 oz
lime juice and 1 oz orange liqueur. It is garnished with sugar or salt the rim
of the glass. It can either be served without ice or shaken with ice.

2. Martini

This alcoholic beverage is considered an all-time favorite drink for many people. It ought to
be a must have in bars’ list of special drinks. It’s a
cocktail brand that rekindles the image of James Bond with his continuous
assertion of having his Martini “shaken not stirred” in most of his films. The
tasty and quality nature of a Martini is defined by the quality of its two
ingredients. Bars and cocktail specialists have to invest in superior gin and
vermouth to appease their Martini fans. Garnishing with olive or lemon twist
gives Martini a spicy taste. A Martini is mostly shaken with ice as opposed to

3. The Manhattan

It is one of the cocktails that has been in existence for long and very easy to make. It is made using three ingredients- 2 oz of whiskey, 1 oz sweet vermouth and bitters. 1/2 oz of dry and 1/2 oz of sweet
vermouth can be used as an alternative to sweet vermouth. Cherry is used for
garnishing. It is a versatile drink as it blends well with various foods.

In conclusion,the special drinks described here not only form the foundation of the bar
industry but also give people a chance to enjoy their cocktails of preference.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Meeting People at Atlanta Bar & Grill is Real Life FaceTime Fun!


Meeting up with friends for a good meal and a couple drinks is one of the simple pleasures that get us through long work days, cold winter nights, and hard times in general. There’s nothing like walking into a high quality bar and grill, and taking your booth, with your friends happy to see you coming. The exciting atmosphere of a bar and grill can be the set-up for a thrilling night on the town, or enough to get lost in with quiet conversations amongst old friends. Though there are plenty more, we can think of at least 2 reasons why meeting people at a bar and grill is fun and engaging.

The Lost Art of Conversation

In the modern age of social media, text messaging, and digital planning, it can always be nice to get back to meeting people the way we did before the rise of the smart phone. Sitting down, across a table from a friend, loved one, or date, with a full course meal and a few drinks between you, resonates with the human spirit in a way that no digital medium ever will. By meeting people at a bar and grill, we separate ourselves from the online masks we all wear, and get back to the brass tacks of being human, and celebrating and having fun together.

Atmosphere is Everything

Some will argue that you can have just as much fun sitting at home, but nothing matches the energetic atmosphere of a popular bar and grill on a busy night. The rush of conversation all around you, and happy people meeting other happy people, is something you’ll never get to experience at home. A good bar and grill possesses an aura of togetherness, and sociable energy, that makes everyone in the room feel like they are a part of something bigger.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Top 10 Bar Games to Have Fun at Atlanta Bars

A Bar refers to a place where you go for drinking, there are stools, a counter, plenty of bottles and glasses in shelves behind that counter and a sexy bartender or a sitting lounge with a few tables and chairs and a dance floor as well in some cases. That is an image of a bar that many of us have in our minds isn’t it? These are the basics of a bar but we are humans and we are always unsatisfied with the basics aren’t we? “Good enough” is never “Good enough” for us. Many of the Bars nowadays go an extra mile to make sure that you enjoy your time over there by offering you Fun games. And that is why you go to a Bar on a Friday night, to have fun. These are the 10 best bar games to play with your friends to enjoy every bit of your Friday night.

1: Darts

“Classic never goes out of style” Darts was first played in 1860s and it is still a popular game in an era of virtual reality games. Darts is a game in which sharp little arrows are thrown at a wooden board which is fixed to a wall. Isn’t it joyous to play darts with your friends with a glass of beer in one hand and the darts in other? Surely it is. The sense of competition of this game makes it one of the best games to play in a bar.

2: Pool

Pool is also known as Billiard. The game is played on a rectangle shaped table that has six pockets (Four in Corners & Two in the middle of right & left borders). There are few balls and you just have to deposit the colored balls in these six pockets by using a white ball and a wooden stick. There are many games to play on a pool table but eight ball, nine ball and the straight pool are the most familiar ones. This game has become a significant part of many bars and pubs. And it is popular in men and women of all the ages.

3: Table Shuffleboard

It is a well-known game in which you have to push the plastic and metal discs with your hand from one side of a long table to the other side of the table (Scoring area). This table is usually 9-22 feet long and 20-30 Inches wide. This game is also a stunner to play in a bar while enjoying your drink.

Caution: “This game has a strong level of addiction.”

4: Jenga

Jenga is game of 54 little blocks. There is a tower made by these blocks and you have to make this tower taller than before by removing a block and placing it on the top of the tower. The one and only rule of this game is that your tower should not fall. So you have to stay focused while drinking a glass of your drink. It is definitely an amazing game to be played in a bar.

5: Cards Games

Cards games have an intensive level of addiction. There are tons of games that can be played with a deck of 52 cards. You can play solitaire or hearts or blackjack or slapjacks or anything you want to play while enjoying your favorite drink at the bar.

6: Cornhole

Very few of the bars have cornhole because it needs a little more place than other bar games but it is definitely an entertainer. Players have to throw little bags of corn from a distance to a raised platform which has a hole on its far end. Each bag in the hole has 3 points while the others over the platform has 1. This game can be played in groups as well.

7: Pinball

This game is played on a machine called the pinball machine which has one or more steel balls and a playing field which has 2 flippers on its lower area and a drain between the flippers. The main objective of the game is to avoid the ball from going into drain by hitting it with the flippers. It is also a fun game to play at the bar.

8: Chess

Chess is one the world’s most famous games it is played by millions of people around the globe. It surely has a sense of seriousness and intensity but it is fun to be played with your friends in a bar especially when the bar is based on a classic theme.

9: Foosball

Foosball game is a table game it is also called the table soccer. This game is same like football but you play it with your hands instead of your feet on a table. The Foosball is a famous game to be played at pubs and bars since 1970’s and it is still in fashion.

10: Big Buck Hunter

The Big Buck Hunter is a hunting video game in which you have to hunt down the animals with a gun in your hand. It was used to be a single player game with one gun but now it can be played multiplayer with two separate guns. You can enjoy your drink and hunt with your best friend at the same time in the bar.

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